Artificial Intelligence

The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

Air Force special operators are rigging the venerable uncrewed aircraft with an ISR swarm that may take just one person to control.

US Woos Other Nations for Military-AI Ethics Pact

State Department and Pentagon officials hope to illuminate a contrast between the United States and China on AI.

CENTCOM Exercise Aims To Speed Up the Pace of War

Using AI to handle boring administrative tasks helps enable faster targeting.

NASA, Northrop Drawing Up the Future of Drone Cargo Jets

Before pilotless airlifters can deliver your packages, the government needs to model how they’ll interact with everything else in the air.

The Defense Department’s New Data King Is Skeptical of AI ‘Pixie Dust’

A more unified approach to data collection will enable bottom-up tools and capabilities

AI Tops Proposed Tech Amendments for the 2023 NDAA

One bipartisan proposal would create federal AI data libraries; others would further limit tech exchange with China.

The Military’s Network Warfare Experiment Scaled Up This Year

The U.S. Army-led experiment attempted to create a lot more targets, challenges, and complexities to test out futuristic concepts.

US Working on AI to Predict Ukraine’s Ammo and Weapons Needs

But a Pentagon watchdog is already unhappy with the way materiel is being tracked.

Military-Funded Program Produces A Self-Propelling Mesh Network In Space

Satellites that take advantage of the unique atmospheric conditions of low-earth orbit.

Self-Driving Cars Could Soon See Much Better

Advances in laser range-finding could enable much smarter smart vehicles.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 104: What we learned at the Tech Summit

Sixteen guests join us to discuss the war in Ukraine, cyber warfare, the challenges posed by China, and much more from this year's Defense One Technology Summit.

DARPA's '3rd Wave' AI Aims to Compute Uncertainty Along with Accuracy

"Machine learning algorithms do not currently fit well into the modern statistical processing paradigm."

‘Collaborative, Portable Autonomy’ Is the Future of AI for Special Operations

Creating autonomous teams in contested environments will be a challenge of technology—and policy.

Special Operators Want AI to Help Discern Public Opinion

New sentiment-analysis tools would improve psyops, SOCOM commander says.