How Climate Change Will Help China And Russia Wage Hybrid War

Increased refugee flows, weather threats, and declining food security will deepen tensions already being exploited to divide and weaken the U.S. and its allies.

The Amazon Fires Reveal the Dysfunction of the Global Community

The case for territorial incursion in the Amazon is far stronger than the justifications for most war.

Brazil's Bolsonaro Is Endangering the World

As a store of carbon, the Amazon is fundamental to the survival of every person. If destroyed or degraded, the giant rain forest is simply beyond humanity’s ability to get back.

Which US Cities Are Least Prepared for Climate Disaster?

New studies find cities most vulnerable to climate change disasters—heat waves, flooding, rising seas, drought—are the least prepared.

No One’s Going to Be Happy Giving Up Land to Fight Climate Change

Here are seven ways of understanding the IPCC’s newest climate warning.

A Supercomputer Will Help the US Air Force Predict the Weather

The $25 million contract will provide a system that supports the military’s complex weather prediction workloads.

No Climate Event in 2,000 Years Compares to What’s Happening Now

While parts of the world have warmed or cooled in the past, modern climate change is happening just about everywhere at the same time.

A Water-Stressed World Turns to Desalination

More cities rely on desalination, which remains expensive and creates its own environmental problems.

How the Climate Crisis Threatens the US Energy System

The U.S. military is the largest customer of the U.S. electricity grid, and other insights from a two-day workshop convened by the Council on Foreign Relations.

These Are the US Military Bases Most Threatened by Climate Change

The belated lists arrived just ahead of a GAO report that says the Pentagon is failing to use climate projections in planning.

The US Military Emits More Carbon than Sweden

Even as it begins to grapple with climate change, the Defense Department remains the world’s single largest consumer of oil.

Admiral: The US Is ‘Operating Blind’ In the Arctic

The Navy needs more weather data to better operate in the cold northern seas.

Lawmakers Probe Navy, Marine Corps Plans on Climate Change

Trump’s picks for Chief of Naval Operations and Marine Corps Commandant sailed through their confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

Greenland Is Falling Apart

Its ice sheet, which holds enough water to raise sea level by 25 feet, may now be melting from the bottom.

Tyndall and Offutt AFBs Need More Repair Money — and Fast

US Air Force readiness will suffer if Congress doesn’t approve more funds by June.

What Will Climate Change Mean for Security in Africa?

The Pentagon faces different challenges in a continent where it has only one permanent base — but lots of troops.