Defense Budget

Budget limbo: Nearly 100 new Air Force programs on hold until Congress passes budget

Service officials urge companies to “tell your story” about what lawmakers’ inability to pass a 2024 budget would mean for their projects.

Funding on ‘fumes:’ The Pentagon is nearly out of money to replace weapons sent to Ukraine

DOD preps a last request after Republican lawmakers reject the White House’s $61.4 billion aid bill.

Budgetary limbo could cost the Navy Department $26B in missing or ‘misaligned’ funds

Comptroller lays out the price of a full-year continuing resolution if Congress can’t pass a 2024 budget.

Senate preps short-term funding measure, but House remains on path to shutdown

The lower body's GOP leaders continue to pursue deep cuts to that stand no chance across Capitol Hill or in the White House.

Navy’s plans for three new submarines could be held up by budget drama

Secretary Del Toro has also directed an initiative to find efficiencies within new budget caps.

Budget delays could ‘slow roll’ Air Force’s digital infrastructure plans

In early 2024, the service plans to launch cloud-based command and control technologies in three undisclosed locations.

Uncertainty at the top blurs Marine Corps’ work on 2025 budget

Like the Army and Navy, the Corps is without a confirmed chief, thanks to a GOP senator’s hold.

Congress has 11 days to pass 12 funding bills—and that's not likely

A former deputy director of the CBO expects a shutdown—of possibly record-breaking length.

The Pentagon may be too busy to fix its half-century-old budget process, reform group says

The congressional panel looking at the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution system has interim recommendations—and doubts about their implementability.