Iranian Proxies Killed Americans In Iraq, Pentagon Leaders Say

The attack has reignited tensions between the U.S. and Iran — and raised questions about whether the former is “deterring” the latter.

Pentagon Defends Handling Of Traumatic Brain Injuries In Iranian Attack

TBI symptoms are often “nonspecific,” the Joint Staff surgeon said.

The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS

The group is even bigger now, and America’s conflict with Iran is only making the fight against it more complicated.

The Iraq War Has Cost the US Nearly $2 Trillion

The figure includes $838 billion in “emergency” and “overseas contingency operation” funding and $59 billion spent by the State Department and USAID on Iraq and Syria.

Iraq Is the One War Zone Trump Doesn’t Want to Leave

The president’s resistance to withdrawing from the country boils down to three of his main enemies: ISIS, Iran, and Obama.

ISIS Is No Reason to Stay in Iraq

Don’t take the wrong conclusion from recent news about the group’s “resurgence.”

What We Learned from the House Vote to Limit Trump’s Power to Fight Iran

Democrats, and some Trump allies, challenged the White House’s latest interpretation of presidential warmaking powers.

Now It's 64. Wounded Troop Tally from Iran Missile Strike Rises Again

Trump “understands the nature” of brain injuries, says Defense Secretary Esper after the president downplayed Americans’ wounds as not “serious.”

We Can End Our Endless Wars

America should end its military involvement in conflicts in the Middle East and bring our troops home.

34 Injured in Iran Attack, Pentagon Now Says; Launches a Review of Reporting Procedures

SecDef Mark Esper ordered a review of “processes for tracking and reporting injuries” after criticism in the wake of the Iranian missile attack.

As Toll Mounts, Trump Downplays Injuries Suffered in Iranian Attack

The president's dismissive statements about the brain trauma suffered by U.S. troops at Al Assad may reflect a considered attempt to de-escalate – or not.

Eleven US Troops Were Injured in Jan. 8 Iran Missile Strike

The troops were medevaced this week to Germany and Kuwait to be treated for traumatic brain injury after experiencing concussion symptoms.

US, Iran Back Away From Conflict—For Now

The crisis appears to be cooling, at least for now, as U.S. lawmakers — and presumably the president — return their focus to the looming impeachment trial in the Senate.

Don’t Let Iran Tensions Stop the Battle Against ISIS

My recent journey through northern Iraq revealed how fragile the region remains, and how extremism could once again take root.

Iran Launched Missiles at Iraqi Bases with US Forces, Pentagon Says

More than a dozen ballistic missiles were fired at the Al-Assad air base in Anbar province and a base in Irbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, a DOD statement said. 

Offering No Evidence, Esper Says Soleimani Attack On US Was ‘Days’ Away

Meanwhile, confusion continues over draft letter citing plans to move U.S. forces in Iraq.