A silent killer is stalking veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Cancer strikes GWOT vets at rates that recall Agent Orange. We’re not doing enough to support them.

Still Waiting for an International Tribunal on ISIS

It would help Iraq restore the rule of law, deter future violence, and give victims a mechanism for redress and healing.

20 Years Later, Terrorism Simmers from Iraq to Afghanistan, Officials Warn

Threats are rising once again, two decades after the American invasion that unleashed them all.

Guard, Reserve Troops Can Sue States for Firing Them, Supreme Court Rules

Court declares that state powers yield to federal ones when it comes to raising armies.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 100: Phil Klay

A conversation about veterans, citizenship, and the American way of war.

Three Soldiers to Receive Medal of Honor

The awards are for actions during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.