Space Force

Biden Picks Next Space Force Chief

If confirmed, the missileer and satellite operator would become the newest service’s second leader.

Military-Funded Program Produces A Self-Propelling Mesh Network In Space

Satellites that take advantage of the unique atmospheric conditions of low-earth orbit.

Hypersonic Missile-Tracking Satellites Greenlit For Development

The Space Development Agency awarded L3Harris and Northrop Grumman $1.3 billion in contracts to deliver prototypes that track quick-maneuvering hypersonic missiles in flight.

Fewer Military Families Would Recommend Uniformed Service, Survey Finds

The Military Family Advisory Network poll may have warning signs for recruiters.

Air Force to Test 3D-Printed Rocket Motors

The maker, startup X-Bow Systems, recently accepted investment from Lockheed Martin.

House Committee Boosts Defense Budget By $37B

The House Armed Service Committee’s topline is more than Biden’s budget request, but less than that of its Senate counterpart

Tomorrow’s Missile-Warning Satellites Will Join SBIRS, Not Replace Them: Space Systems Command

Off-the-shelf spacecraft and lunar-mission gear are also on the table for Space Force’s acquisition command.