Space Force

Space Force: We need a hotline to China

Direct communications could ward off miscalculation as space militarizes faster than norms develop, officials say.

What's at stake as Congress hashes out the 2024 defense budget

A guide to the biggest differences between proposals for the four-months-late defense appropriations bill.

Air Force sticking with Sentinel despite huge cost breach, officials say

The ICBM program is now expected to cost 37 percent more than previous projections.

Inside Space Force's budget priorities and spending patterns

In the past 12 months, the youngest service has awarded contracts worth an estimated $11.9 billion.

Where the Space Force’s new ‘theory of success’ succeeds

The chief of space operations’ revelatory paper should be read across the Joint Force.

Pentagon’s next-gen missile-tracking effort moves ahead—for now

Three firms have been picked to build 54 satellites, but plans depend on funds in the still-unpassed 2024 budget.

ULA's new rocket took off. But can it challenge SpaceX?

The Vulcan Centaur isn't reusable, which makes it harder to compete on price.

New report urges US to look beyond cheap low-earth satellites for missile warning

Tracking hypersonic missiles across oceans is like trying to “find a cup of tea that you’ve dropped into a swimming pool.”

Space Command is fully operational, if still officially homeless

Lawmakers are delaying the HQ decision in the 2024 defense policy bill.

Space Force sets up shop in Europe, Africa combatant commands

SPACEFOREUR-AF is the latest office created to serve warfighting commands around the world.

A key Pentagon data link can now talk to satellites—but not in the USA

A Link 16-to-space demonstration abroad went well. Could FAA approval for domestic tests be next?

What role should industry play in military space operations? The Space Force is working on a strategy for that.

The service will release a plan for how to integrate commercial satellite services by the end of the year.

Hamas attack shows space-based sensing can’t see everything

A new Pentagon constellation will close some gaps, but the need for “old-school” human intelligence will remain.

Space Force hunts for mature technology in 'Hyperspace Challenge’ program

Expanding its reach from startups to established players, this year's event seeks satellites that are more autonomous, maneuverable, and safer from debris.