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James Oliphant

James  Oliphant
James Oliphant has covered politics, government, and legal affairs for most of his journalism career. Before joining National Journal, he was a correspondent covering the 2012 presidential campaign for the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, and also worked as a congressional and legal affairs reporter for those newspapers.

Paralyzed by Ukraine, Dumbfounded by Russia

President Obama has faced overseas challenges before. But he has never had to stare down a nuclear power bent on reestablishing its sphere of influence.


Obama's New National Security Strategy Could Force Clinton to Take a Hard Line

Critics are attacking Obama's new national security strategy as weak and unfocused -- leaving Democrats on the defensive.


Despite Torture Report, Obama Is Standing By the CIA

President Obama is showing solidarity with the CIA even as it deals with the fallout of the release of the Senate’s torture report. By James Oliphant


Obama Wants His Staff To Be More 'Hands On' in National Security Crises

From domestic politics to foreign policy, Obama and his aides frequently appear overtaken or overwhelmed by events. By James Oliphant


Clinton Waits For a Contender on National Security

A nervous GOP field is making early moves to beef up their foreign policy credentials expecting to spar with Hillary. By James Oliphant


What Would the National Guard Actually Do at the Border?

How troops deployed to America's border with Mexico might elude the usual characterizations of 'militarizing' a region. By James Oliphant and Rachel Roubein


Obama’s Going To Have To Get His Hands Dirty To Save Iraq

For a president who has made winding down conflicts a key element of his foreign policy, Obama may have to choose an uncomfortable way forward to help stabilize Iraq. By James Oliphant


Iraq Was the Last Thing Obama Needed

Team Obama's next generation worldview -- and national security policy -- have missed time and again. By James Oliphant


Obama Wants Allies To Take More Responsibility Off His Shoulders

The president lays out a multilateral approach to global problem-solving that could be plagued by America's inability to get friends to do heavy lifting. By James Oliphant


Why Hasn't the GOP Treated Fort Hood Like Benghazi?

Both attacks suggest multiple institutional failures, but only a handful of congressmen have pushed for more insight into the Fort Hood shooting. By James Oliphant


Will Obama End the War on Terror?

Despite President Obama's pledge to repeal the Authorization for the Use of Military Force when it expires this year, sources say negotiations to get it done haven't even begun. By Michael Hirsh and James Oliphant


Obama's NSA Proposals Fall Far Short of Real Change

The White House's tepid plan aims to calm the public, not curtail the government's surveillance programs. By James Oliphant


Why the White House Can't Defend Against the NSA Court Ruling

The intelligence agency's massive surveillance program was dealt a deep blow by a federal judge. By James Oliphant