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Patrick Tucker
Patrick Tucker is science and technology editor for Defense One. He’s also the author of The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move? (Current, 2014). Previously, Tucker was deputy editor for The Futurist for nine years. Tucker has written about emerging technology in Slate, The Sun, MIT Technology Review, Wilson Quarterly, The American Legion Magazine, BBC News Magazine, Utne Reader, and elsewhere.

Russian hybrid operations on the rise in Estonia, Moldova

Similar Russian attempts to exploit ethnic divisions in democratic nations have preceded more aggressive action.


Navy envisions ‘hundreds of thousands’ of drones in the Pacific to deter China

With DIU contracting for prototypes, Pacific Fleet is experimenting with unmanned craft that may one day defend Taiwan.


Navy secretary blasts defense industry’s stock buybacks

Del Toro says contractors should invest their record profits in American shipyards and industrial base.

Science & Tech

Is Russia putting an anti-satellite nuke in space?

A long-ago U.S. test showed the kind of havoc that could wreak in orbit.


Navy robot ships on a 15-year path to operating ‘at speed and scale,’ CNO says

Adm. Franchetti’s plans to compete with China include better networks, unmanned infrastructure, and a new robotics rating for sailors.

Exclusive Policy

US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops

Key psyops units may get squeezed by a Pentagon effort to trim special-operations forces.


Foreign abusers of commercial spyware hit with new visa restrictions

The Biden administration is hoping to deter the use of advanced surveillance tools.

Science & Tech

High-Powered microwave weapon may have just passed a critical test

RTX’s CHIMERA shows it can track and attack targets at "tactically relevant ranges"


Software delay will reduce F-35 deliveries for a second straight year

Lockheed says the TR-3 upgrade, due last year, has slipped to third quarter of 2024.

Science & Tech

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?


US, allies strike Houthi targets

A “wide swath of targets in Yemen” were hit in retaliation for attacks on Red Sea shipping, a U.S. official said.


CNO: US Navy is having a 1930s moment

Franchetti highlights “warfighting” and “warfighters” as key priorities.

Science & Tech

How often does ChatGPT push misinformation?

Researchers found that one of the most popular generative-AI tools agreed with false statements up to one-quarter of the time.

Science & Tech

Why the Navy isn’t shooting down Houthi drones with lasers yet

A paradox is slowing the service's drive to replace expensive missiles with theoretically better energy weapons.