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A. Trevor Thrall

Associate Professor, George Mason University

A. Trevor Thrall is an associate professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Some Arms Exports Are Riskier Than Others. Here’s a Tool To Tell Which Ones

The problems with selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and Turkey were hardly unpredictable.


Selling F-16s to Taiwan Is Bad Business

The jets will inflame, not stabilize, cross-strait relations.


The False Promises of Trump’s Arms Sales

U.S. export deals are undermining regional stability and sending jobs abroad.


Cancel Turkey’s F-35s — and Maybe Its NATO Membership As Well

Sending America’s most advanced fighters to Ankara will do greater harm than good to U.S. interests — and that should give its allies pause.


Yemen Shows Why US Needs to Change Its Arms Sales Policy

A Senate resolution to reduce U.S. participation in Yemen's war failed, but policymakers seeking to reduce complicity in the humanitarian crisis have another option.


The Saudi Deal Shows Just How Broken the US Arms Export Process Has Become

A system meant to keep weapons sales from undermining U.S. national security has become a sham.


Resettling Syria's Refugees Would Be Cheaper Than Widening the War

It would also be morally and practically superior to the West's current selective intervention.