Ep. 26: The pipe-bomber and the presidency; More US troops at the border; Exiting the INF and more.

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This week on the program:

  • A suspect in the U.S. pipe-bombing spree appears to have been apprehended in Florida. We’ll dig into the effects (at the 2:21 mark) of that domestic-terrorism-dash-election-disruption story that’s spanned a decent portion of the continental U.S. — from California to New York. 
  • On the southern U.S. border, the White House is sending 800 more soldiers on top of the 2,100 already there. We'll discuss what can they do there (11:24). 
  • The U.S. wants to exit a key nuclear weapons treaty with Russia. Tech Editor Patrick Tucker helps us understand what that could mean for U.S. weapon systems (17:16). 
  • And NATO just began its largest military exercises since the 1980s in Norway. We’ll review what’s going on there and why (27:41).

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