Ep. 59: The future of European security

Here's a look at some of the ways Europe is changing amid various pressures from Russia, China and the NATO alliance.

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This episode we'll discuss the NATO alliance and how some military tactics are changing in the face of strategic threats from Russia. We’ll also assess some of the more recent responses to wider global trends like populism and how, in some parts of Europe, Chinese soft power is already influencing culture, politics and security. // Music this week from Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock and Ellie Kidd; Joe Henson and Alexis Smith; David O'Brien and Chris Egan; Philip Guyler; Terry Devine-King; Paul Clarvis, Matt Hill and Sonia Slany, via AudioNetwork.com; also featuring music from Leonid Kharitonov and the Red Army Choir.

Guests include an officer and an engineer from the Danish army; Chris Skaluba of the Atlantic Council; Dalibor Rohac of the American Enterprise Institute; and the chairman of NATO’s military committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force. 

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