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Drone Invades the New York Public Library

A quadcopter drone was sent into the famed landmark and returned with these haunting slow motion flyby images. By Kedar Pavgi

Drones don’t just fly around on battlefields around the world hunting down terrorists. A DJI Phantom quadcopter drone, armed with an iPhone 5S and a Hero3 Black digital camera, was used to create a beautiful video that provides a mesmerizing tour of the New York Public Library.

Design researcher Nate Bolt and the NYPL Labs team , which does innovated digital experiments at New York City public libraries, produced the film. Bolt said his drone was “likely the first drone ever flown inside” the library.

“So much semi-autonomous quadcopter technology happening right now,” Bolt wrote on his website . “Pretty sweet that they are small enough to take into a place like this and open up a new way of capturing images. And this is just the beginning.”

Check out the full video below: