The Huawei Mate S smartphone

The Huawei Mate S smartphone Markus Schreiber/AP

Pentagon Bans Sale of Chinese-Designed Phones On Military Bases

Military personnel better stick with iPhones or Android devices.

The Pentagon is cracking down on the sale of Chinese-designed phones and other devices over hacking concerns.

The Defense Department announced Wednesday that it is banning the sale of phones made by Chinese-based companies Huawei and ZTE on military bases worldwide over worries that the companies could hack the phones and use them to gather intelligence for the Chinese government. 

"Huawei and ZTE devices may pose an unacceptable risk to Department's personnel, information and mission," said Pentagon spokesman Major Dave Eastburn. "In light of this information, it was not prudent for the department's exchanges to continue selling them to DOD personnel."

Military personnel are still currently allowed to buy a Huawei or ZTE device for personal use from stores off base. DoD is considering issuing a wider advisory about the brands and their devices, however.

The Defense Department isn't alone in its concern about these companies and the security threat their technology could pose.

Lawmakers and intelligence officials raised alarm in February over the possibility of Chinese espionage through Huawei and ZTE devices. The Federal Communications Commission submitted a proposal in March that would make it more difficult for U.S. telephone and Internet companies to purchase these companies' products.