Navy Expands Unmanned Operations to 4th Fleet

U.S. Southern Command’s naval component will follow 5th Fleet into heavy-duty experimentation with drones.


Milley: Don’t Send Uninvited US Troops to Mexico

The top U.S. general recommends military training and law enforcement to stem drug and migrant flows—not special operators and other forces.

State Department To Give Costa Rica $25M For Cybersecurity

The aid is a direct request from President Rodrigo Chaves Robles.

Violent Far-Right Movements Aren’t Just a ‘Western Problem’

The focus on jihadist violence has often prevented states from finding and fixing other things that fuel violent extremism in the Global South.

5 Questions About the Storming of Brazil's Congress and the Military's Role

A conversation with Rafael Ioris, an expert on Brazilian politics at the University of Denver.

Q&A: China's Vast Influence Campaign in Canada

In an interview with ProPublica, investigative reporter Sam Cooper describes how he unearthed scandals that have shaken the Canadian political system.