Biden to Tap Colombia As Next Major Non-NATO Ally

The longtime security partner would be the 19th country and third in South America to receive the designation.

Illegal Fishing Is a National Security Problem

The stability of countries and regions are threatened by the declining health of fish stocks, and by the groups and governments that run lawless fishing fleets.

How to Get the National Defense Strategy Out of Its Mideast Rut

We need less talk about why we need to leave, and more about why we need to compete elsewhere.

Declaring Mexican Drug Cartels ‘Terrorists’ Is a Bad Old Idea

Trump and Obama policymakers rejected it because it brings no new tools to bear — and quite a few drawbacks.

The Amazon Fires Reveal the Dysfunction of the Global Community

The case for territorial incursion in the Amazon is far stronger than the justifications for most war.

Brazil's Bolsonaro Is Endangering the World

As a store of carbon, the Amazon is fundamental to the survival of every person. If destroyed or degraded, the giant rain forest is simply beyond humanity’s ability to get back.

USAF to Demo New Airborne Mesh Network for Latin American Militaries

The technology is being showcased at a meeting of regional air chiefs this week.

Border Disorder: Trump Can’t Figure Out How to Keep His Biggest Promise

The president insisted that preventing illegal immigration would be simple and easy. Through a series of increasingly desperate attempts, he’s discovering that isn’t true.

How an Elaborate Plan to Topple Venezuela’s President Went Wrong

The United States thought all the pieces were in place for Maduro to leave. Then everything came crashing down.

Despite Threatening It, Trump Is Keeping the Military Out of Venezuela

The administration is sticking to an approach that it has favored against adversaries from Iran to North Korea: gradual economic strangulation.

The US Is Running Low on Options to Force Maduro Out

The Trump administration has already deployed visa restrictions, sanctions, and even an embargo on Venezuelan oil. What else is left?

When Humanitarian Aid Is Used as a Weapon to Bring Down Regimes

As the United States offers crucial humanitarian aid to Venezuelan migrants, it is doubling down on its opposition to Venezuela’s president.

Two Ways the Venezuelan Crisis Might End

President Maduro seems likely to hold power only as long as he can pay off military elites.

How Seriously Should the World Take Trump’s Venezuela Threat?

This isn’t the first time the president has threatened military force against the country, but now he is surrounded by regime-change advocates.

The White House’s Move on Venezuela Is the Least Trumpian Thing It’s Done

The Trump administration’s concerted diplomatic effort did not originate on Twitter.