US, China Should Pursue Peace, Not Military Brinkmanship

Neither side wants to appear weak, but recent actions and rhetoric by both sides has put all of us in greater danger of U.S.-China military tensions sliding into armed conflict.

What’s Behind South Korea’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism?

Seven weeks ago, South Korea and the U.S. had the same number of virus deaths. Today, South Korea has fewer than 300, and the U.S. has more than 70,000.

COVID-19 Offers a Golden Opportunity to Reengage with the Indo-Pacific

But the U.S. must act quickly, lest China turn the pandemic to its own advantage.

How South Korea Used Technology to Flatten the Coronavirus Curve

A sense of normalcy is beginning to return to the country, thanks to extensive testing and a national system for tracking infected people.

America’s Allies Are Becoming a Nuclear-Proliferation Threat

Some of the United States' oldest allies are considering the once-unthinkable: building their own nuclear weapons.

F-35 Factory in Japan Shuts Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

An F-35 plant in Italy has also been affected by virus-related restrictions.

The Corrosion of World Order in the Age of Donald Trump

Can the world still work together to address today’s most pressing global challenges?

Where Could the US Put Its Post-INF Missiles?

It would be a hard slog to get allies to agree to any sort of basing agreement.

5G Is Where China and the West Finally Diverge

The rollout of speedy new cellular networks is a geopolitical turning point, but neither Trump nor the public yet recognizes this.

Best of 2019: Ideas

Revisit some of the best op-eds and commentary we had the privilege of publishing over the past year.

The Trump Administration’s ‘Denuclearization’ Is A Road to Nowhere

U.S. policy will remain stuck as long as the administration continues to convince itself that the North’s nuclear dismantlement can be achieved on Washington’s timeline.

America's Rivalry With China Is Nothing Like the Cold War

In today’s circumstances, Cold War–era policies are not only unnecessary, but likely to catalyze a destructive spiral of heightening tensions that would make the world a more dangerous place.

How North Korea Soured on Donald Trump

Kim Jong Un only wanted to engage with the president. Now he’s turning on him.

Don’t Demand Protection Money from Japan. Do Ask Tokyo to Rethink Its Defenses

A well-fortified Japan could take the lead in its own security, with U.S. forces acting as a backstop rather than the primary combatants.

Dear Pope Francis: While You're in Japan, Call for No First Use

The pontiff was already planning to call for global nuclear disarmament. Asking the U.S. to adopt a no-first-use policy would make the world a bit safer, faster.

To Deter China, Deepen the US-Indian Partnership

Here are some ideas for the upcoming 2+2 defense and foreign affairs ministerial conference.