Conference Wire

GEOINT Conference Wire 2: All Eyes on AI

Many of the discussions on Day 1 of the geospatial-intelligence conference centered on generative artificial intelligence.

GEOINT Symposium Conference Wire: Who's Up

What to expect at the 20th edition of the "largest gathering of geospatial intelligence professionals in the nation."

Space Symposium Conference Wire 3: Threat Warnings

Day 3 of the conference brought warnings about China and Russia—and of a "subtle complacency" at home.

Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire 3: The Next Drone-Using Fleet

Day 2 of the Navy League conference brought word that 4th Fleet will join 5th Fleet as a focus of the Navy's experiments with unmanned craft.

Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire 2: Drones and Their Antidotes

Unmanned craft are big on Day 1 of the Navy's League's annual conference.

Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire: Amphibs, Drones, and More

As the nation's largest naval conference opens just outside Washington, the leaders of the Navy and Marines disagree about just how and when to acquire amphibious warships.

AUSA Conference Wire: Multi-Domain Drops

Chief releases new doctrine, calling it the biggest step since AirLand Battle in the 1980s; and other news from Day Two of AUSA.

AUSA Conference Wire: Recruiting Crisis

On Day 1 of the country's largest land-warfare show, service leaders talked about their efforts to find more young people to serve.

AUSA Conference Wire: Lessons from Ukraine

The curtain opens Monday on the Association of the U.S. Army's big annual conference in Washington, D.C.

AFA Conference Wire: Space Force Victory Lap

Day Two of the Air, Space, and Cyber conference led off with a keynote by the outgoing Space Force commander—and a new song.

AFA Conference Wire: Modernize Now, Leaders Warn

Day One of the Air, Space, and Cyber conference featured keynotes from Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and Chief of Staff Gen. C.Q. Brown.

GEOINT 2022 Conference Wire: AI Grows Up

Tracking the growth of small artificial-intelligence programs, and more from Day 2.

GEOINT 2022 Conference Wire: NGA's Takeover

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will take control of a seminal AI effort, and more from Day 1.

GEOINT 2022 Conference Wire: In the Spotlight

The Ukraine war has put space imagery and mapping at the center of discussion.

Space Symposium 2022 Conference Wire: Tracking Hypersonics

Satellites that can spot maneuvering missiles were among the hot topics at the conference's Day 3.

Sea-Air-Space 2022 Conference Wire: Ukraine Lessons

A former CNO looks at the Russian invasion, and and other news from the naval conference's Day 2.

Sea-Air-Space 2022 Conference Wire: Battle-Ready Carrier

The USS Ford reached initial readiness in December, and other news from the naval conference's Day 2.