US Army Wants to Model COVID's Impact on Combatant Commands

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has sent an urgent request for COVID-19 modeling and prediction analyses services.

The COVID-19 Models Probably Don't Say What You Think They Say

If they accurately predict the future, we've done something wrong.

Stop Your Non-Mission-Critical Travel, White House Tells Federal Agencies

The Saturday memo to all federal agencies joins Friday's Defense Department stop-movement order.

The Four Key Reasons the US Is So Behind on Coronavirus Testing

Bureaucracy, equipment shortages, an unwillingness to share, and failed leadership doomed the American response to COVID-19.

We’ve Got The Vaccine, Says Pentagon-Funded Company

Canadian firm says it could make 10 million doses per month — if its innovative production method wins FDA approval.

Explainer: How #Flattenthecurve Can Save Lives

Even if every person on Earth eventually comes down with COVID-19, there are real benefits to making sure it doesn’t all happen in the next few weeks.

Oak Ridge National Lab Taps Supercomputers to Fight Coronavirus

Researchers received emergency computation time to run through a database of drug compounds to see which combinations might prevent COVID-19.

Trump Is Peddling Dangerous Disinformation on Coronavirus

Fact-checkers and scientists have scrambled to correct the president's false and misleading statements, which are being amplified by partisan media, digital propagandists, and administration officials.

As Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Doctors Are Forced to Choose Who Gets Care

With patients overflowing hospitals, a leading medical organization offers guidance for military-style triage, including: deny care to people too old to be likely to recover.

The Prognosis: Latest News on Coronavirus & National Security

COVID-19 news is moving quickly. Here's the latest in the military, defense industry, and related spheres.

US Military Scientists Hope To Have Coronavirus Therapeutic By Summer

A new approach would use RNA or DNA to help the body develop antibodies to the rapidly spreading illness.

DOD, Feds Issue Coronavirus Guidelines for Civilian Employees

New memos spell out expanded telework flexibilities, leave policies, alternative work schedules, and more.

The US Has Tested Fewer than 5,000 People for the Coronavirus — and That's a Big Problem

By this point in its outbreak, South Korea had tested more than 100,000 people. The lack of data hurts U.S. government, corporate, and personal attempts to make decisions.

Defense Firms Limit Travel, Adapt As Coronavirus Spreads

Singapore’s air show was a “ghost town,” but so far, the organizers of big U.S. trade shows are pressing ahead with their events.

Iran Has Far More Coronavirus Cases Than It Is Letting On

The surprising number of Iranian government officials succumbing to COVID-19 offers a hint that the disease is far more widespread than the official statistics indicate.

The US Isn’t Ready for What’s About to Happen

Even with a robust government response to the novel coronavirus, many people will be in peril. And the United States is anything but prepared.

The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing

“I don’t know what went wrong,” a former CDC chief told The Atlantic.