The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 155mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.

How Poland's new blimp may boost the Pentagon's connect-everything effort

The planned sale of a reconnaissance aerostat could help allies link up to JADC2.

Russian hybrid operations on the rise in Estonia, Moldova

Similar Russian attempts to exploit ethnic divisions in democratic nations have preceded more aggressive action.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 144: How Russia cements control

How does the Kremlin force an entirely new reality on an occupied city? And how do Europeans feel about the invasion and U.S. hesitation to rearm Ukraine?

First Ukrainian F-16 pilots will complete training as soon as May

Air National Guard director says the effort is taking a bit longer because pilots need to learn a “full range of missions.”

It takes Europe at least a year to fill a Ukrainian order for artillery shells

And it's hard to buy 155mm ammunition from non-Western nations that make it, the Estonian defense ministry’s top civil servant said.

In Norway, young people compete to serve in the military

Other countries mulling wider national service plans should learn about the Norwegian model.

Drones, armor lead new efforts by Ukraine’s foreign backers

The Pentagon-led Ukrainian Defense Contact Group seeks to keep Kyiv “ahead of the curve.”