Middle East

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Big defense contractors aren’t jumping at the chance to make cheap drones. It might be up to the troops.

‘We’re staying away from Gaza’: Palpable silence at the Dubai Air Show

As Israel-Hamas war rages, officials and exhibitors steered clear of the topic.

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We take a look at how officials around the region are carrying on with business as usual despite Israel's war with Hamas.

Ukraine’s artillery supply declines as shells go to Israel

President Zelenskyy confirms that 155mm deliveries are drying up, even as Russia presses an assault in the east.

Boeing aims to 'stabilize’ defense business as it pitches Mideast countries

New commercial sales and a NATO purchase cheer company officials after a downbeat earnings call.

Boeing welcomes USAF interest in light-attack version of T-7 trainer

Company’s fighter lead says Air Force officials have discussed the concept multiple times.

U.S. military strikes more Syrian facilities

The airstrikes, the second set in a week, were meant to degrade Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps capabilities.