Middle East

The Saudi-China Deal Tells Us What Autocracies Want From Each Other

Biden’s blunt democracy-vs.-autocracy rhetoric may be pushing U.S. security partners toward Beijing.

The Future-Seeking, Team-Building 5th Fleet Is Busier Than Ever

The commander of the U.S. Navy’s Persian Gulf forces explains how they epitomize the Pentagon’s new strategic approach to the Middle East.


US Trying to Persuade More Allies to Send NASAMS Missiles to Ukraine, Raytheon CEO Says

If U.S. officials can broker a deal, Kyiv won’t have to wait for factory-produced interceptors.

Turkish Airstrikes Have Slowed the Fight Against ISIS, Officials Say

SDF commander, Pentagon spokesman call on Ankara to cease “escalatory” actions.

Muhammad Ali’s Foreign Policy Lessons

Like the great boxer, America needs to know how to pick the time and place to engage.

How Elon Musk’s Twitter Buy Raises Cybersecurity Risks For The Rest Of Us

The problem is not just more misinformation, but five new threats to the network.

Sergeant Makes One Counter-Drone Trainer to Rule Them All

Having too many different counter-drone systems is making training unnecessarily difficult. An Army National Guardsman from CENTCOM has developed a solution.

U.S.-Led Drone Fleet Starting To Come Together in Middle East

Bahrain, Kuwait pledge to chip in unmanned surface vessels for maritime surveillance and incident response, 5th Fleet says.

CENTCOM’s Got a New Mission. It Needs More Support.

Ending free-ridership and promoting regional security cooperation requires policy coherence from Washington.

Iranian Navy Tries To Steal US Unmanned Vessel At Sea

This is the first time someone has tried to take one of 5th Fleet’s unmanned vessels.

US, Israel Team Up to Fight Ransomware

The Treasury Department and Ministry of Finance extend a year-old, tech-centric cybersecurity pact.