Middle East

What's Holding Up the US Military's Use of AI?

Two of the obstacles are spotty networks and inadequate data, CENTCOM's CTO says.

A-10s Return to Middle East with a New Mission, and a New Weapon

Tensions with Iran, Russia have CENTCOM calling upon the venerable Warthog once again.

Russian Warplanes Are ‘Trying to Dogfight’ US Jets Over Syria, General Says

“Don’t take the bait,” the region’s top Air Force general warns pilots.

Still Waiting for an International Tribunal on ISIS

It would help Iraq restore the rule of law, deter future violence, and give victims a mechanism for redress and healing.

How to Advance US-Saudi Defense Cooperation

There’s room for progress short of a formal alliance.

20 Years Later, Terrorism Simmers from Iraq to Afghanistan, Officials Warn

Threats are rising once again, two decades after the American invasion that unleashed them all.

Threats in the Mideast Are Rising, CENTCOM Chief Says

ISIS-K will be able to launch attacks abroad in less than six months, Gen. Kurilla told lawmakers.

Medevac Drone-Boat, Record-Setting UAV to Play in Sprawling Maritime Exercise

The U.S.-led IMX and Cutlass Express events will take place from the Mideast to East Africa.