White House to feds: Prepare for a shutdown

Level of preparedness and communication varies across government agencies as fiscal deadline looms.

Senate preps short-term funding measure, but House remains on path to shutdown

The lower body's GOP leaders continue to pursue deep cuts to that stand no chance across Capitol Hill or in the White House.

Half of DOD civilians would get furloughed in a shutdown, plans show

The Biden administration is planning to take a novel approach at some agencies.

What defense employees can expect if the government shuts down

Here's what would happen to feds' pay and benefits if House Republicans force a shutdown on Oct. 1.

House Moves to Avoid a Friday Shutdown, But Hurdles Remain in the Senate

Lawmakers are looking to create enough time to pass a full-year funding measure.

Congress Prepares One-Week CR as Lawmakers Work Toward Full-Year Funding Deal

The continuing resolution would push off a government shutdown from Friday night to Dec. 23.

Ep. 35: After Mattis + Shutdown’s effect on national security

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UPDATED: See Who Gets Sent Home in a Shutdown

Some agencies would furlough virtually everyone, while others would remain completely open if there is a lapse in appropriations.

Defense Contractors Begin Early Shutdown Preparations

Private firms are already ahead of the government in their planning, experts say.

How Budget Battles Undermine National Security

Congress should raise the debt limit and break its dependence on continuing resolutions.

Troops Would Get Paid On Time During Shutdown Under Bill

The Pay Our Military Act proposed by Rep. Mike Coffman would ensure pay in the event of an appropriations lapse and expire at the end of 2016.

Pentagon Warns 2 Million Troops, Workers May Have to Work Without Pay Next Week

The looming government shutdown threatens paychecks for roughly 2 million troops and civilians, but some shrug as this happened before — just two years ago.