United Nations

Yes, the UN Is Still Necessary

In his dramatic Dec. 4 speech decrying the international body, Secretary of State Pompeo seems to have confused cause and correlation.

Trump Taps Loyalist Fox News Veteran as UN Ambassador

Heather Nauert, currently the State Department’s chief spokesperson, is not known for challenging her superiors.

Nikki Haley Touts Values-Based Foreign Policy, Showing Daylight with Trump

In an interview with The Atlantic, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to the UN made the case for a values-driven foreign policy, and acknowledged daylight between her and the president.

Will Nikki Haley Be The Last Trump Official Who Stands Up to Russia?

The American ambassador to the UN, who is stepping down this year, is perhaps the Trump administration’s most forceful, but often solitary, critic of Moscow.

Russia, US Offer Competing Vision of Cyber Norms to the UN

Two proposed versions of an “international code of conduct for international information security” set up a clash between autocracies and democracies.

Dire New UN Climate Report Lays Out a Way Ahead

The battle to prevent climate change has already been lost. But the battle to blunt its effects has just begun.

Who Will Replace Nikki Haley?

Trump has increasingly sought advisers who are less apt to push back on his disruptive agenda.

Want Better Peacekeeping Ops? Add Women

Women are routinely underrepresented in peacekeeping operations, even though their participation has been shown to improve mission effectiveness and advance stability.

What Trump's UN Speech Says About What Comes Next

His General Assembly speech laid out his worldview—and offered some clues about what could lie ahead.

A Solitary and Defiant Message to the UN In Trump’s Second Speech

“We reject the ideology of globalism. And we embrace the doctrine of patriotism,” Trump told world leaders.

America is Losing Power and Influence and Must Adapt, Warns UN Secretary General

The "attraction of American society...is today less clear" says António Guterres, in an exclusive interview.

Nikki Haley Warns That Iran Could Become ‘the Next North Korea’

The UN ambassador offered an explanation for abandoning one nuclear deal while pursuing another.

Syria Is Now In Charge of the UN's Disarmament Efforts. Really.

The U.S. says the Assad regime’s repeated use of chemical weapons on civilians should disqualify it from the post.

Will the Israeli-Iranian Showdown Be in Syria — or New York?

Iran's various rivals and opponents are seeking a UN resolution that would return Tehran to pariah status and undermine its regional gains.

Russia to the United Nations: Don’t Try to Stop Us From Building Killer Robots

UN efforts to limit or regulate military AI may be failing before they even begin.

In Fiery UN Speech, Trump Delivers The Far-Right Goods

The black-helicopter crowd, and the president’s base, should love this Bannon-esque, undiplomatic speech, filled with ‘America First,’ ‘radical Islamic extremism,’ and cries for sovereignty over collective security.

'We Do Not Have Long to Act': Tech Heads Warn UN About Autonomous Arms

SpaceX head Elon Musk and other industry leaders write that autonomy will lead to wider and faster war.