United Nations

It’s ‘Effectively Impossible’ To Kick Russia Out Of The UN, But There Are Other Options

Diplomats could remove Russia from the human rights council or refuse to recognize a Russian-backed government in Ukraine, experts say.

US, Russia Spar Over Ukraine At Confrontational U.N. Meeting

Russian official claims the U.S. is trying to “drive a wedge” between Moscow and Kyiv with “unfounded accusations.”

US to Russia: Explain Your Military Buildup to the UN

The UN Security Council will meet on Monday in the latest diplomatic move amid tensions.

What Can the United Nations Do About Counterterrorism?

It’s time to take a long hard look at the UN’s 20-year old counterterrorism architecture.

Biden Counters China’s Allegations Of A New ‘Cold War’ In UN Speech

The president’s remarks on human rights, freedom of navigation, and authoritarianism were a thinly veiled message to Beijing.

Biden to Pitch Partnership at UN, Amid Tension With France and Other Allies

The withdrawal from Afghanistan “opens the chapter” for diplomacy, a senior administration official said.

Foreign Governments Scramble To Leave Afghanistan Amid Violence and Chaos

"It’s sad that the West has done what it’s done," says UK defense secretary as NATO, UN, G7 react to Taliban takeover.

What Biden Told Me on the Train After Trump’s First UN Speech

In the Biden-Harris vision, my multi-ethnic family is the fulfillment of America’s promise to the world.

Lebanon Needs More than US Sanctions

Hezbollah must go. Here's how the international community can help develop a democratic and secular system that works for the people. 

Don't Be Fooled. Trump’s Cuts to WHO Aren’t About the Coronavirus

Republicans have been hating on international organizations for decades. This is just a convenient excuse to take another shot, and it harms American security.

‘We Shouldn’t Be Buying the Taliban’s Excuse’

The Afghan national security adviser wants his government to take over after a failed year of U.S. negotiations. But now the country has an uncertain election to contend with.

Trump Delivers Populist Message to the UN — and US Voters

The president put 2020 politics front and center in his third address to the General Assembly.

America Is Abandoning the International Systems that Made It Great

Though Trump has accelerated its decline, the crisis of multilateralism has much deeper roots.

Yes, the UN Is Still Necessary

In his dramatic Dec. 4 speech decrying the international body, Secretary of State Pompeo seems to have confused cause and correlation.

Trump Taps Loyalist Fox News Veteran as UN Ambassador

Heather Nauert, currently the State Department’s chief spokesperson, is not known for challenging her superiors.

Nikki Haley Touts Values-Based Foreign Policy, Showing Daylight with Trump

In an interview with The Atlantic, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to the UN made the case for a values-driven foreign policy, and acknowledged daylight between her and the president.