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Sam Skove
Sam Skove is a staff reporter at Defense One, where he writes about the Army. He previously worked in Ukraine covering the Russia-Ukraine war for The Daily Beast, Radio Liberty, and The New Republic, among other publications. He holds a bachelor's degree from Oberlin College and a master's degree from Georgetown's Security Studies Program.

US preps unusual $2B loan for Polish military

Poland has bought billions worth of U.S. military goods, in addition to Korean-made armaments.


Estonia plans loitering-munitions unit to hunt enemy air defenses

Inspired by the wars in Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh, the new battery may be NATO’s first.


U.S. government shutdown could slow weapons transfers to Ukraine, Taiwan

Contracting and arms transfer vetting departments may not be able to process new requests.


Beset by Russian airstrikes, Ukraine looks to make its weapons abroad

The country’s defense firms have cheap, battle-tested kit—and no safe place to build it.


Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say

The service inducted around 9,000 more new soldiers this year than in 2022, commander says.


Ukraine learns to fight with a hodge-podge of foreign artillery

It's also working to protect its field guns from loitering munitions and counter-battery fire, Ukrainian officer says.


Europe’s defense spending sluggish despite Ukraine war

Slow growth isn’t compensating for post-Cold War divestments, analysts say.


How a tiny Polish airport became a key node for Western aid to Ukraine

Daily jumbo-jet landings now eat up the fuel once allotted for a whole week of passenger flights.


Polish support for Ukraine brings lessons, but also risks

Warsaw is learning just what is killing its donated field guns, and battling Russian spy rings back home.

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EU plans to arm Ukraine bearing fruit, but more is needed, Estonia says

Ahead of a US visit, top defense ministry leader says effort to deliver a million artillery shells will likely reach its goal by next summer.


Women face misogyny, barriers to promotion in special operations forces, US Army study says

The “very small percentage” of respondents who espoused such views included officers and senior enlisted leaders.


Russian jets playing chicken with US planes over Syria, officials say

Air Forces Central Command reports head-on passes; denies Russian state-run media reports U.S. is doing it, too.


How innovation cells in Army combat units are harnessing soldiers’ ideas

Four divisions are turning projects around in record time, from leashed drones to mold trackers.


What a counter-drone truck says about US aid to Ukraine

Many programs are moving quickly—but there’s plenty of room for improvement.


Army now 2nd service without Senate-confirmed leader

At the “relinquishment of authority” ceremony, senior military leadership blasted Sen. Tuberville’s hold on nominations.