A National Guardsman posts security during training at Fort Polk, La., June 7, 2021.

A National Guardsman posts security during training at Fort Polk, La., June 7, 2021. U.S. Army / Spc. James Bozeman

The Army Brief: Record suicide rate; New SHARP centers; AI-picked targets; and more...

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Suicide rate hit a high. The suicide rate for active component service members reached a new high in last year, when 384 active duty service members died by suicide, Defense One reports. The Army had the highest rate among the services: 36.4 per 100,000 soldiers. 

Improving survivor support. The Army is piloting a “fusion directorate” concept at several Army installations to improve services and support of sexual assault and harassment survivors, Defense One reports. Soldiers will be able to report and access services in one location, with facilities opening in March.

AI targeting with satellite photos. The Scarlet Dragon exercise will see whether an artificial-intelligence tool can use satellite photos to determine targets to drop bombs on, Defense One reports. The test is to see whether AI can be used on multiple data streams to speed up targeting.

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