Air Force eyes supply missions for its first electric air taxi

Joby Aviation delivered its battery-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to Edwards AFB in California.

USAF walks back tanker forecast: ‘We don’t know what our strategy is’

As Boeing KC-46 deliveries resume, officials mull how many more—if any—to order.

How Air Mobility Command is prepping for possible conflict in the Pacific

The command tested new concepts in this year’s edition of its largest exercise.

Misfiring Cannons, Rotted Tires in US Army Gear Pulled for Ukraine, Watchdog Finds

It’s not the first time the unit and its contractor have been faulted for poorly maintained equipment by the service's inspector general.

Arms Flow 30% Faster to Ukraine as US Relearns Cold-War Skills

Logisticians are honing techniques invented to keep the Soviet Union from seizing Europe.

Marine Makers: How I MEF Troops Are Putting 3D Printers to Work

From generator covers to car parts, a Marine describes how additive manufacturing helps his unit get on with its mission.

Air Force Slashes ‘Bridge Tanker’ Buy, Sets Deadline for Clean-Sheet Aerial Refueler

Stealthy new tanker jet should arrive in the 2030s, service’s top weapons buyer says.

Less Efficient, More Resilient: The Marine Corps’ Plan for Modernizing its Logistics Operations

Installations and Logistics 2030 document is latest release in the service’s ongoing Force Design efforts.

As Marines’ Arms and Gear Flow to Ukraine, Corps Keeps Close Tabs on Its Own Stocks, Commandant Says

Service leaders have “healthy” discussions with defense secretary during aid-package planning, Berger said.

Army Preps for ‘Contested Logistics,’ Works to Boost Arms Production

Logistics win wars—but not if new enemy capabilities can disrupt supply lines.

Only Half the Parts Are Waiting When US Attack Submarines Come in For Repairs

The Navy’s attack-sub PEO has a plan to fix this, but he’ll need approval from higher-ups and the Hill.

The Danube Won’t Solve Ukraine’s Grain Problems

Europe’s second-longest river isn’t deep enough to carry ocean-going grain vessels.