As Marines’ Arms and Gear Flow to Ukraine, Corps Keeps Close Tabs on Its Own Stocks, Commandant Says

Service leaders have “healthy” discussions with defense secretary during aid-package planning, Berger said.

Army Preps for ‘Contested Logistics,’ Works to Boost Arms Production

Logistics win wars—but not if new enemy capabilities can disrupt supply lines.

Only Half the Parts Are Waiting When US Attack Submarines Come in For Repairs

The Navy’s attack-sub PEO has a plan to fix this, but he’ll need approval from higher-ups and the Hill.

The Danube Won’t Solve Ukraine’s Grain Problems

Europe’s second-longest river isn’t deep enough to carry ocean-going grain vessels.

US Navy Prints Metal Parts on the High Seas

An amphibious assault ship is testing a shipboard 3D printer during RIMPAC exercises.

For Russia and the West, Ukraine War Is a Study in Supply

“I fully believe that logistics has been an Achilles heel for the Russians,” Army Secretary Wormuth said.

A Marine Logistics Base May Be the Warehouse of the Future

Virginia Tech researchers aim to use 5G networks to track items as they come and go.

America’s Stockpiles Are Hardly Strategic

Before we assemble new reserves of critical commodities, we need a hard look at the existing ones.

The Real F-35 Problem We Need to Solve

Unless its logistics can be improved, the jet’s contributions to a major fight will be far less than Pentagon wargamers are counting on.

US Marines Try Using Drones to Bring Blood to Battle

The light unmanned aircraft made hundreds of supply drops during recent Australian live-fire wargames.

US Navy’s Drone Tanker Prototype Takes First Flight

Now service officials hope they can get the MQ-25 operating faster than planned.

Stop China’s Infiltration of US Railroads

America shouldn’t be buying Chinese railcars, ceding control of its rail industry, or injecting spyware-laden rolling stock into its transportation network.