Best of 2019: Defense One Radio

Review the year that was — and consider what's next — with episodes from our award-winning podcast.

Ep. 58: Wargames: All about one of the safer, cheaper ways to figure out who’s going to win a war.

Ep. 52: Ali Wyne on the US, China, and Great Power Competition: The RAND analyst has been giving America’s great power competition a great deal of thought lately — especially when it comes to China.

Ep. 55: Doomsday Machines, Nuclear Hurricanes and Russian Spies: An interview with Vince Houghton, author of Nuking the Moon: And Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board.

Ep. 46: Mosul, Revisited with Omar Mohammed of Mosul Eye: We travel to Paris to meet the Iraqi historian behind secretive dispatches during the Islamic State group's occupation of Mosul.

Ep. 45: Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter: Carter sat down with Defense One to talk about China, what it takes to succeed in the Pentagon, how not to waste a $750 billion defense budget, and much more.

Ep. 42: Escalating in Somalia: We look into why the U.S. military is escalating its air campaign against al-Shabaab, and what sort of challenges stand in the way of building up a Somali army that can fight militants on its own.

Ep. 37: Beyond South China Sea Tensions, Part 1The Tinderbox.

Ep. 38: Beyond South China Sea Tensions, Part 2: The future of Chinese history, or how the world's greatest 15th-century navy is linked to the game-playing robot that put Beijing's AI visions into overdrive.

Ep. 50: Cyberwarfare Yesterday: We survey the history of cyberwarfare, from the ascent of Chinese hackers this century to the arrest of a Soviet-linked hacker 30 years ago, and a lot in between.

Ep. 61: Influence operations in 2020: In 2016, Moscow sowed division with fake news. Today, Russian agents simply reflect the things Americans say about each other.