Defense One Radio, Ep. 110: Rethinking logistics, air bases, space debris, and more.

The chiefs of the Marines and Air Force join a half-dozen experts to share lessons from Ukraine, the future of Pacific basing, and more.

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Guests include:

  • Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger (at the 1:19 mark); 
  • Marine Brig. Gen. Joseph Clearfield, Deputy Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific (at 6:58);
  • Air Force chief Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. (at 10:54);
  • Air Force’s deputy chief of staff for strategy, Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote (12:52);
  • Chris Dougherty, senior fellow at CNAS (17:36);
  • Vice Chief of Space Operations, Gen. David Thompson (21:04);
  • Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn (23:42);
  • And Steven Butow, Director of the Space Portfolio at the U.S. military's Defense Innovation Unit (26:21).

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