U.S. Army soldiers greet local Afghans while on a patrol near the Enzarkay Pass, March 2, 2012.

U.S. Army soldiers greet local Afghans while on a patrol near the Enzarkay Pass, March 2, 2012. U.S. Army

The Army Brief: Afghanistan’s future; drone swarm; telemedicine training; and more

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Afghanistan war end date. The American military mission in Afghanistan will end August 31, President Joe Biden said Thursday, Defense One reports. The fate of the country, from security to government and women’s rights, now lies with the Afghan people, he said.

Installation energy security. A power plant at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii is one of just a few Army energy facilities that can fully power an installation in the event of a power outage, either due to natural disaster or a cyber attack, Defense One reports. It will take years to get most Army installations to meet their energy resilience goals, Army officials said.

Testing telemedicine. Telemedicine on the battlefield only requires low bandwidth to support chat and text features, but bureaucracy and misconceptions are making it difficult to train on the technology, Defense One reports

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