How long has the Army been working on body armor for its women? Soldiers try on prototype vests at Fort Campbell — in 2012.

How long has the Army been working on body armor for its women? Soldiers try on prototype vests at Fort Campbell — in 2012. U.S. Army

The Army Brief: Body armor funding, tenant rights, a murder trial, and more...

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Smaller body armor. The Army wants $81 million to speed up body armor modernization and fielding specifically for women and small-statured soldiers, Elizabeth Howe reports in Defense One. Though the head of Army Futures Command says the service will begin to buy the gear, some lawmakers fear smaller soldiers will continue to lack the proper level of protection.

Tenant rights. Following serious military family housing problems, the Tenant Bill of Rights has been fully implemented at 36 of 44 Army installations, the service announced. The rights include dispute resolution, prompt home repairs, and reporting problems without retaliation.

Murder trial starts. A Marine Raider heads to court Monday for the murder of Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in Mali, Army Times reports. Three other men have pleaded guilty in the case over the past two years. 

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