Donald Trump's Choice for National Security Adviser Has One Priority: Combatting 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Michael Flynn is also known for his long military career and his unceremonious exit from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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Enough, America. Stop Talking About Election Day Revolution.

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Denying Trump’s Denial, US Intel Chief Says There’s More Evidence of Russian Hacking

The nation’s top intelligence official says “forensic and other” evidence proves Russian election interference.

Geography Allows America To Choose Its Global Role. Only One Candidate is Choosing Wisely

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'What President Trump Meant to Say'

I would have been fired on the spot if I spoke like Donald Trump.

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By sidestepping Trump’s messages on foreign policy and trade in Tuesday’s debate, the vice-presidential nominee ignored the choices GOP voters made in their primaries.

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Trump vs. the Generals

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The UK Is Having the War Debate That America Isn't

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