To Boost NATO’s Presence in the Black Sea, Get Creative

Alliance fleets aren't getting bigger to match Moscow's moves in the region, so it's time to think differently.

Europe Was Just Getting Better at Moving Militaries

With Russia, China, and the coronavirus to worry about, reliably being able to move allied forces across the continent should remain a priority.

No Military Has Done More for Corona-Stricken Allies Than Germany’s

The Bundeswehr has been flying supplies to, and medevacing patients from, its European neighbors.

Where is NATO? And Where is Trump?

The virus is destroying economies and paralyzing societies in ways Russian military planners could only dream.

NATO Should Always Work From Home

Alliance leaders are using virtual meetings to make quicker decisions. That’s exactly what Russia should fear.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Should Be NATO’s Moment

There’s one multinational organization that has command-and-control for contingencies, the staff to execute operations, and exists to defend its member states.

NATO Has ‘Growing Realization’ About Risks of Using Huawei Gear, Top General Says

But USAF’s Wolters offered no evidence that U.S. officials are persuading allies to shun Chinese 5G networking products.

Today’s Arctic Diplomacy Can’t Handle Tomorrow’s Problems

A new forum is needed to address military and security issues in the region.

After Years of NATO-Bashing, Trump Asks Allies for Help with Iran

But Britain, Germany, and France believe that everyone's interests are best served by the nuclear deal Trump hates.

Trump Just Ghosted NATO, But Here’s What He Said That Matters

The president was on a roll until he surrendered a final chance to lay out his concerns and priorities.

A 3-Percent Solution for NATO

The alliance should up its members’ spending goals — and count much-needed resiliency investment toward the total.

Russian Trolls Are Hammering Away at NATO’s Presence in Lithuania

A broad disinformation campaign of fake news and other tricks aims to turn the Baltic nation’s public against the alliance.

NATO Should Count Spending on Secure 5G Towards Its 2% Goals

Getting internet security right is key to the alliance’s very future.

NATO’s Newest Threat Is Coming From Inside the House

Worry less about the gaps between NATO leaders, and more about the gap between those leaders and the national security community.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ankara?

The question is not: “Can we live with a rogue Turkey?” but: “Do we have a choice?” said one U.S. official.

NATO Should End its Open-Door Policy

Enlarging the alliance has caused more problems than it has solved.

What America’s Allies Really Think About Trump’s Syria Decision

During a few wild weeks in October, U.S. allies watched as their own worst nightmare befell America’s Kurdish partners in Syria. Here’s what that means for America’s standing in the world.