Political Fight Over Russian Bounty on US Troops Appears to Warp Intel Debate

Democrats suspect the White House is trying to paint the assessment as less solid than it is.

Bounties Are Part of Moscow’s Aid to the Taliban, Current and Former Intel Officials Say

It's not yet a foregone conclusion, but Russia has long been suspected of helping the militant group.

Trump To Sanction ICC Officials Investigating Alleged US War Crimes In Afghanistan

The court’s top prosecutor found that the U.S. military may have committed “torture.”

Afghanistan Drawdown Continues Despite Violence, Ghani Announcement

The Afghan president said that his side would be resuming “offensive” operations against the Taliban.

Pull US Troops, not Diplomats and Development Experts, from Afghanistan

America’s interests are no longer furthered by military might in the country, but we can still help in other ways.

What Will Iran Do As the US Negotiates a Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Tehran is eager to deepen its influence on Kabul, the Taliban, and other Afghan actors.

Finding ‘The End’ to Our Story in Afghanistan May Be The Best We Could Do

There are Taliban peace talks in my novel, too. No spoilers, but you can bet how that goes.

The US Is Helping the Taliban Fight ISIS, CENTCOM's Top General Says

Gen. McKenzie turned heads with testimony about “very limited support” for an enemy who is also an enemy of an enemy.

No One Has Tried This Kind of US-Taliban Deal

A study of nearly 200 modern peace accords shows what has worked. The list doesn't include "negotiate withdrawal, then negotiate peace."

As Taliban Attack, Esper and Milley Downplay 'Mixed' Results of Peace Deal

Joint Chiefs chairman argued before Congress that the Taliban’s “small low-level” attacks on Afghan forces don't violate their four-day-old agreement with the United States.

Explainer: The US-Taliban Deal in Afghanistan

What's in the recent agreement between the United States and the Taliban? What might still derail it?

US' Afghanistan Drawdown Will Continue Amid Taliban Violence, Pentagon Says

“I would caution everybody to think that there’s going to be an absolute cessation of violence in Afghanistan — that is probably not going to happen,” Milley said.