Europe Should Do More for Regional Security — Starting with Libya

Allied “burden-sharing” ought not be about financial benchmarks, but about U.S. partners’ investment in their own regions’ security.

How Mistakes and Mission Creep Are Shaping Libya’s Future

Lost in the din of developments at the UN this week is a British report on the ‘failed’ intervention that has turned the country into an 'unmitigated disaster.'

The UK Is Having the War Debate That America Isn't

The U.S. and Britain both intervened in Iraq and Libya. Only one is now seriously reckoning with those choices.

How Not to Plan for ‘The Day After’ In Libya

Once again, the Obama Doctrine has encouraged improvisation over long-term strategy.

Obama Orders Air Campaign Against ISIS in Libya, Escalating ‘No-Boots War’

There’s no projected end to the strikes, which U.S. officials say have been requested by the new Libyan government.

GOP Criticizes US Military for Slow Response to Benghazi; New Detail In Latest Finding

House Republicans found no evidence of wrongdoing by then-State Secretary Hillary Clinton, only criticizing administration officials for being unprepared to respond more quickly.

What the West Can Do about The Biggest Obstacle to Libyan Stability

The more Libya's foreign allies can weaken Gen. Khalifa Hifter, the more fighters will break away from him and join the new government.

Trump Was For Invading Libya (and Iraq) Before He Was Against It

The presumptive Republican nominee tries to draw a contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton, but both of them supported U.S. involvement in both Libya and Iraq.

Here’s How US Special Operations Command Views Libya

The next battleground in the war on ISIS is forming in the sands of Tripoli.

US Air Strike Hits ISIS in Libya, Chief Presumed Dead

The U.S. airstrike in the Libyan front was underway before the Paris attacks began, stressed a senior U.S. official.

Can Libya Survive a Civil War That's Only Getting Worse?

The view from the frontlines of a forgotten war where rival factions have all but obliterated Libya’s connection to the outside world.

NATO’s Campaign in Libya Offers Salient Lessons for the Air War Against ISIL

These five lessons from the 2011 air campaign in Libya are relevant today in the campaign against the Islamic State. By Karl P. Mueller

Why the Bombing of Tripoli Is a Game-Changer

For Washington, airstrikes by Egyptian and U.A.E. jets on Tripoli fighters signal a promising turn for regional players coordinating their own security. By Bobby Ghosh

Libya May Not Be A Case Study in Intervention After All

Instability in Tripoli points to the difficult consequences of military intervention that are nearly impossible to predict. By Conor Friedersdorf

U.S. Evacuates Embassy in Libya

Ongoing violence between Libyan militias forced the State Department to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli on Saturday. By Stephanie Gaskell

Libya Is Working With Rebels to Protect Tripoli's Oil

And in an odd but very profitable move, they're only putting a little bit on the market at a time. By Steve LeVine

Libya Is Stumbling Toward Civil War

Despite the deteriorating situation, the U.S. is unlikely to get involved in Libya again anytime soon. By Kaveh Waddell