Lockheed Martin and General Motors are teaming up to make a successor to the Apollo moon rover.

Lockheed Martin and General Motors are teaming up to make a successor to the Apollo moon rover. NASA

Defense Business Brief: Happy Budget Day; Moon rover; Talking hypersonic; and more...

The Biden administration finally sent its fiscal 2022 budget proposal to Congress — on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. Fortunately, the recently expanded Defense One staff has you covered from many more angles this year, so you can get the budget info you need whether you’re heading to the beach and or simply Netflix-and-chilling.

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Lockheed Martin and General Motors have teamed up to build a car for astronauts on the moon. “To support NASA's mission, the two industry leaders will develop a unique vehicle with innovative capabilities, drawing on their unparalleled engineering, performance, technology, and reliability legacies. The result may allow astronauts to explore the lunar surface in unprecedented fashion and support discovery in places where humans have never gone before.” More here.

Mark your calendars for June 2 at 1:30 p.m. That’s when Mike White, principal director for hypersonics in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering will be at the Center for Strategic and International Studies talking about the Pentagon’s hypersonic strike and defense budget requests. Watch here.

A group of 44 tech companies and three trade organizations are urging the Biden administration to prioritize buying commercial software as it looks for ways to move fast and save money. “We specifically request that the Office of Management and Budget provide clear guidance to federal agencies to make certain that the existing statutory requirements for commercial preference are followed,” the groups wrote in a Tuesday letter to President Biden. “We also encourage the Administration to require any software or technology acquisition include the opportunity for the private sector to participate in live technology demonstrations alongside any custom-built options.”

Federal acquisition rules require agencies to prioritize buying commercial over a custom development, but those rules are not always followed, the group said.

Buying commercial technology is a way to accelerate the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Plan, said Matthew Cornelius, executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, one of the groups behind the letter. 

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