The littoral combat ship USS Detroit in drydock at BAE Systems' shipyard in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2019.

The littoral combat ship USS Detroit in drydock at BAE Systems' shipyard in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2019. U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nathan T. Beard

The Naval Brief: Drone refuels fighter jet; LCS fixes; Nuke missile, canceled; and more

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Drone refueling milestone. For the first time, a manned F/A-18 Super Hornet refueled from an unmanned MQ-25 T1 Stingray during a test flight last week. The Navy aims to put the drone to work in carrier air wings for aerial tanking and intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance tasks.

Nukes nuked. The Navy will cancel its nuclear Sea-Launched Cruise Missile in 2023, despite asking for $5.2 million in research and development for the program in 2022, according to a memo from acting Navy secretary Thomas Harker, USNI News reports. The type of missile was a requirement identified in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review

Wartime maintenance concerns. The Navy needs to figure out how it will repair battle-damaged ships in wartime, according to the Government Accountability Office, Navy Times reports. The service divested many of its wartime repair capabilities during the Cold War.

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