Defense One Radio, Ep. 141: Year in review

We take stock of our last 12 months of interviews, featuring conversations with generals, White House officials, researchers, authors, our own reporters, and many more.

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Guests include:

  • U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Joel “JB” Vowell, who at the time commanded the United States Army Japan; he is now commander of the ISIS-focused Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (from episode 115);
  • Monica Toft, professor of international politics and the director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; and Sidita Kushi, assistant professor of political science at Bridgewater State University (from episode 116);
  • Michael Knights, security analyst with the Washington Institute (from episode 124);
  • Defense One's Sam Skove (from episode 125);
  • Sam Bendett, advisor in Russian studies at CNA (from episode 126);
  • Defense One's Patrick Tucker (from episode 129);
  • Decker Eveleth, graduate research assistant at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California (from episode 130);
  • Martin Pfeiffer, a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of New Mexico (from episode 131);
  • Patrick Tucker again (from episode 132);
  • Sam Skove again (from episode 134);
  • Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; and Joshua Geltzer is Deputy Assistant to President Joe Biden and Deputy Homeland Security Advisor at the National Security Council (from episode 135);
  • And Barak Mendelsohn, Professor of Political Science at Haverford College in Philadelphia (from episode 138).